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Prank Ltd.
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Seppo Santapukki
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PRANK is an independent game developer of ambitious SPACE-MONKEYS sharing years of experience in the industry. The team of (house)trained primates has a long track record of games developed for world famous brands and globally leading publishers of the 21st century, but most importantly, they are passionate gamers.

These apes make games they like to play themselves - games they want to share with PEOPLE. At the moment Prank focuses on middle-sized, digitally distributed games of high quality.

- Prank, referring to itself in 3rd person
all the way from the year 2015

YOU HEARD RIGHT, no need to deliver by hand anymore! Prank's sophisticated technology enables mail to be delivered DIGITALLY over the wireless wires!

Don't worry if you didn't understand what the paragraph on the left meant: we know it might be too HIGH-FIDELITY for the people of your time. Just use the forms below, it'll work!

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If our game crashes or freezes, please:
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the game installed.
  • Make sure you have the latest firmware installed.
Once those are checked, try shutting down all applications from multitasking, and then restarting the device.

In case the above didn't help with the problem, please contact us using the form below. Remember to mention what device you are using and the game you are playing!
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