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Ant-o-calypse now!

The Garden Paradise has been hit by a PEST CONTROL, and toxic fumes of insecticide has turned habitants of the land to mindless MONSTERS! The hive is under attack and the colony is fighting to hold the line.

For how long can you keep the Queen safe? Are you BRAVE enough to warn the other colonies? The future of the ant civilization is in YOUR HANDS! Or fingers, to be exact.

ALL-TIME 3rd highest Metascoring iOS strategy game!


AppGamer on the iPhone version:
"The game seems to have only improved with age."
SCORE: 9/10

Appgefahren says:
"...wurde mir von Kritikern ja schon vorgeworfen, dass ich von den Entwicklern bezahlt wurde. Tatsache ist, dass Ant Raid mich mehrere Tage an mein iPad gefesselt hat, was bei vielen Spielen nicht der Fall ist."



User reviews:

by Dragonfire600
Fun and challenging
by M@ttie
Superb! The epitome of a can't miss iPad experience!
by Garet Jaxx
My new favorite game
by lostshore
Phenomenal First Effort
by Zombiesnai1
by timujin1008
This is an absolutely amazing game.
by fenness
luvn it:)
by Jbaldwin
I love this Game so much
by Ambiguity guy
It reminds me so much like pikmin!
by dkremaro
What a great fun and funny game! Love it!
by dtops2
The game oozes charm and has a ton of content.
by -pb-
Action strategy gets Ant-agonistic
by Frazzel001
Love this game can't put it down
by xxiamnoxiousxx
by Lena98765
Geweldig spel
by Icansmellyou
by Biggeltje
Het geld zeker waard!
by Kantar
Well worth the money
by -
Muy buen juego, muy divertido!
by MacMix73
by tobes94
stupendo !!!
by xfata
Excelent game
by doptler
Csak ajánlani tudom
by Gabihun
Kiváló játék.
by carloslau
i like it
by Dany_76_
Tres bon jeux.
by Hadgoat
Tres bon jeu original et addictif
by pelinainen
Virkistävä uutuus
by nellaJ
superhyvä muurahaispeli!!!
by Hiipi
by Legolas415
iPad-omistajien pakkohankinta!
by Viljo92
Tosi hyvä! :)
by Xenatar
Tää on kyllä ihan huippu peli
by Karvaturre
by Roikale
Todella laadukas ja hauska peli. Voi suositella!
by Pekka78
Hienoa, että pelissä on Aku Ankan tasoinen suomennos!
by Möhömaha76
Vihdoinkin, tätä on odotettu!
by Pumpkin35
Simples Spielprinzip, das Laune macht
by Daniel Mertens
by ShadowSascha
cooles Spiel!
by crazler
Macht echt spass!
by xX RITI Xx
by Perkeo2000
Schönes Spiel
by Abendteurer97
Tolle Spiel!
by augusteblume
Super Spiel, super Design
by Quickmix
Geniales Spiel mit hohem Unterhaltungsfaktor!
by Nazgul1984
niedlicher Grafik und einer Story. Jetzt auch auf deutsch.
by Pitter82
Macht eine Menge Spaß, für den Preis unschlagbar
by 耳又又
by zzsjlz
by 恬_恬
by chenminisboy@
by iDayDayUp
by watchpig
by The dawn
by f13xo
A fresh take on the defense genre.
by iTunesReviewer13
simply a keeper for the idevice

Thank you so much for the warm feedback!