Get Monkey Tunes for FREE

February 3rd, 1952

The monkeys are bringing the full-length soundtrack to your gramophones for FREE! More...

Bananas are so last season. More apples wanted!

January 26th, 1952

This notification is about project ANT RAID and some peculiar new technology the monkey crew has been experimenting with. More...

Ant Raid needs YOU!

July 6th, 1951

The space capsule has landed safely, but is not yet out of harms way. More...

It's Not a Secret Anymore!

June 29th, 1951

Prank lifts off in July 6th! More...

Prank: Absolutely harmless to humans!

February 15th, 1951

Meet Prank, an independent crew of MONKEYS from outer space! More...

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NewNews - in February 15th, 1951:

Meet Prank, an independent crew of MONKEYS from outer space! Prank brings you entertainment of the DISTANT FUTURE. The monkeys share years of training in inventing and crafting things you can PLAY with – pun not intended.

The space-apes have been working on a mysterious CAPSULE for quite a while now. Judging from their behavior – as we don't TALK monkey here at NewNews – the device seems to be nearly ready for lift-off.

It feels exciting and terrifying at the same time, as it is not exactly known how and where the capsule will land. The monkeys have been drawing GALACTIC MAPS of a mysterious Garden Paradise planet, but since the doodles contain depictions of ZOMBIE snails, VAMPIRE bees and MUTANT worms, the journey sounds dangerous.

Whatever happens to Prank – the team of (house)trained space-monkeys – in their intergalactic adventure, NewNews promises to keep you updated!