Get Monkey Tunes for FREE

February 3rd, 1952

The monkeys are bringing the full-length soundtrack to your gramophones for FREE! More...

Bananas are so last season. More apples wanted!

January 26th, 1952

This notification is about project ANT RAID and some peculiar new technology the monkey crew has been experimenting with. More...

Ant Raid needs YOU!

July 6th, 1951

The space capsule has landed safely, but is not yet out of harms way. More...

It's Not a Secret Anymore!

June 29th, 1951

Prank lifts off in July 6th! More...

Prank: Absolutely harmless to humans!

February 15th, 1951

Meet Prank, an independent crew of MONKEYS from outer space! More...

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NewNews - in July 6th, 1951:

NewNews is happy to deliver these delightful news: Prank capsule has landed SUCCESSFULLY and the project ANT RAID has begun as planned! Ant Raid is now available for all daring souls out there via mysterious nexus called "App Store."

In case you have not signed to the project yet, do so ASAP! Ant Raid offers YOU a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel new exotic locations such as Saint Shroom and Port Boot, and to meet the friendly PURPLE natives of the planet.

Furthermore, the project challenges you to do your share of undertaking the local problem with the MUTATED INHABITANTS. The monkeys cannot do it without YOU!

It has been a great team effort and while the Space Apes are seemingly exhausted, a glimpse of HAPPINESS can be read from their tired eyes.

Now that the method of transporting FURTHER HELP to the planet is ready, the Monkey Crew gets to have a little vacation before their next endeavour. What might that be?