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Original Soundtrack of number-one App Store game released for free

The official album contains 13 original tracks.

TAMPERE, Finland, February 3rd, 2012 - Prank Ltd, an independent game developer and publisher, has announced the launch of Original Soundtrack of Ant Raid. The album contains 13 tracks.

Metacritic - a website calculating review score medians - named Ant Raid as the 8th best iPad game of 2011, and currently the game holds the all-time number one spot of iOS strategy games with its Metascore of 90 out of 100. As a celebration to the critical success, and due to the widespread praise of the game's upbeat music, the company has decided to provide the entire soundtrack for free of charge.

Ant Raid is the debut iOS game of Prank. Originally the game was released exclusively for iPad on July of 2011, and on January of 2012 a new version for iPhone and iPod touch followed. Additionally on January, Prank published free versions of the game for both iPad and iPhone, featuring 10 unique levels.

Original Soundtrack of Ant Raid can now be downloaded from the game's official website at


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All five members of the company share years of experience in the industry, and have a long track-record of games developed for world-famous brands and globally leading publishers. Currently Prank focuses on small and middle-sized digitally distributed games with high production values.

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